Nihonfun: Cat cafes, Photobombs, and, "Is that a rock?"


猫ちゃん Hotline! Two days ago the whole gang along with our Japan Studies leader, Carol, went to Yokohama and the sea. This turned out to be an exhausting trip like … Continue reading

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Forget Everything I was going to say in my last post, Check out these Photos!!!

Some things have happened, 1. I can’t figure out my cellphone for the life of me (not that that is absolutely important). 2.classes are getting closer and closer and more … Continue reading

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Week 2 in Japan: First Full Week in a Homestay, and already 2 trips to the Airport. And Shinjuku?

Something that I have definitely noticed is how considerate in Japan many people can be. This has completely become a stereotype here, and while I have seen it and experienced … Continue reading

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Something to think about for the weekend.

The picture on this blog post is Yasushi Ebihara’s “Afternoon”. It is an artistic response to the Great East Japan Disaster, otherwise known as 3/11. This was one of a … Continue reading

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Roll Cake Karaoke and Seafood Sembei

^(-________-)^ Hey everyone, third post! ^(-________-)^ The time we’ve had so far has been a weird orientation/tourist/pseudo-class time for us 8. Myself and 6 other ladies, one male (lol, Adam) … Continue reading

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Japan World: a Sidenote Story

Yayoi Kusama, a famous Japanese artist that not many Japanese recognize. I posted her here because I feel a lot of inspiration from her life and the work created forth … Continue reading

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2013, Feb 21 into 22nd–my first JAPAN STORY (geegeegeegee)

Hi Everyone! Since there are a lot of people I’d like to share my Japan stay experience I thought the best way to carry this out was through a blog. … Continue reading

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