Nihonfun: Cat cafes, Photobombs, and, "Is that a rock?"

2013, Feb 21 into 22nd–my first JAPAN STORY (geegeegeegee)

Hi Everyone!

Since there are a lot of people I’d like to share my Japan stay experience I thought the best way to carry this out was through a blog. I myself have a lot of skepticism over the success of having a blog for a study away experience, but I’m hoping that while it lasts at least you folks can get some idea of whats going on my side of the world. So, welcome to, nihonfunnnnn!

A direct plane ride to Japan is on average 14 hours. In anticipation I had it all planned out: work, movie, sleep, work/stay awake. This actually turned out totally fine, I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which actually totally entertained me, so if you’re looking for a funny somewhat scary thing to kill some time I’d suggest it. The food too was actually alright for United Airlines, though I must say their snack choices are strange. (I’m not really into chicken enchiladas and vanilla ice-cream for normal snack time…) Alongside the food my rowmates were also pleasant, though admittedly a bit weird to me. The girl right next to me was going to Japan to live in Hokkaido with a missionary family who had ten kids. The family was family friends and she was the only available to take up the opportunity. She had never been out of the country, let alone to a place where there was a different language. She must have been not much older than me. The other passenger was an older man who quickly got plastered and probably to the attendants seemed totally hopeless to taking care of himself. But, he seemed ultimately pretty sweet so I’m guessing flyings not his thing.

As we crossed over the ocean I wondered what being in Japan would be like. It was hard for me to grasp that a full day will have come and gone while I was in the air, and when I would land it would be another day’s evening. When I arrived it already felt like a totally different world. The airport was filled with swarms of people, and my suitcases were already off the conveyer belt to make room for the next incoming flight by the time I got to luggage pick up. From there, with my two HUGE suitcases and carryon I went through customs and out to the real world of JAPAN.

The first time I met up with Nijinokai (the Waseda Student International Group) I was so overwhelmed. Here I was, in a completely new world, surrounded by swarms, and I totally just froze. I was literally at the point of nervous gibberish where you’re just like staring blankly at everything and everyone who talks at you. I think though Shiori, Kotaru, and Maru (the Nijinokai students) got that and helped me along…Following this I met up with the other study away students, Adam, Sara, Chelsea, Rachel (I already know Rachel from Oberlin College), Emily, Jill, and Yong Won. Together we met up, and, with all our crap (I had the most bags lol), we went to Hotel Sakura by bus and then taxi to stay (とまる) for the next week or so with Shiori and Kotaru, who would be our guides for the time being.


Breathing in, as we’re really in Japan.

But not for a full 24 hours yet.

Time to sleep

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