Nihonfun: Cat cafes, Photobombs, and, "Is that a rock?"

Japan World: a Sidenote Story


Yayoi Kusama, a famous Japanese artist that not many Japanese recognize. I posted her here because I feel a lot of inspiration from her life and the work created forth from it.

I am in the means of writing the second post that documents the time before, during, and after pseudo-class and also saturday where we move off to home stays, but i have this other post that i feel is more important to have up first.

~Currently in the hotel~

I have been feeling very down lately. Maybe it’s the weather, or the homesickness hitting me, I just want to post a few things to cheer anyone up if they have such feelings.


My first reaction is always to listen to music. Sometimes it doesn’t always work as well as I’d like, so other means are necessary. Skipping all the way ahead to NOW, (where I’m one day away from going to my homestay family’s house) I was packing realized I have no resident card. WHERE IS MY RESIDENT CARD (; ̄д ̄)!!!??!?! YOU’VE LEFT MEEEE….I think I was dumb enough to have lost it in the first week of getting it. Hopefully, as Shiori has said–(Nijinokai member and Waseda student) it won’t be too hard to replace. Thus, when things seem difficult I’d just like to say that talking to someone always helps. I feel like when we’re all feeling less than worthy we need to hear someone tell us it’s not the end, it’s okay. We’re still worthy. You’re still valid. Moving beyond losing this card, we need to hear every once in a while that we are enough for anyone and everything that we want and need in our life. The struggle usually is we just don’t always feel like we are or know how to say it. Earlier there were some resources that I found that really helped me out. It’s come to the point where I am practically a walking library with so many books and pdfs to look back at for advice and encouragement, but i think it’s necessary and really does help me. Here are some just a couple articles that I’ve read that really helped me on thoughtcatalog (which has become like a miniature obsession for me), as well as an article i just ran into on my feed from Peter from Oberlin’s MRC, but also find very helpful in this current moment. Here they are:

Ang Lee’s Never Ending Dream (He directed Life of Pi)

The One Necessary Ingredient for Accepting Yourself

How to Fall in Love with Yourself

Maybe I could give myself some love and take a shower.

Sleep well you all!

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Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.


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