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Roll Cake Karaoke and Seafood Sembei

^(-________-)^ Hey everyone, third post! ^(-________-)^

The time we’ve had so far has been a weird orientation/tourist/pseudo-class time for us 8. Myself and 6 other ladies, one male (lol, Adam) have been doing all sorts of things together such as going to karaoke, eating okonomiyaki お好み焼き, and going to historical places to walk and see lots of statues until our feet ache. Additionally, this first week involved us checking into the hotel with all our stuff, trying out the Tokyo train system (とても便利だ), and getting to know each other’s past experience. Though there are 8 of us, we all hail from very similar spaces and to some extent knew each other beforehand. I have a friend, Rachel, from Oberlin College who is also on this program, and Adam and Sara come from the same school in Massachusetts. Young Won and Jill didn’t seem to know each other before, but also go the same school. All of us come from small liberal arts colleges, and to some extent even come from the same hometown. Getting to know each other through activities has been really a lot of fun and I feel really lucky to have such a compatible group of individuals to come to Japan with. Thank you Japan Gods! lol

1. The day of Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki restaurants I would never have expected to be sort of difficult to be at. Just like how you’d think it’d be so fun to make your own food and hang out with friends, it turns out Okonomiyaki restaurants are completely smoky, hot, and kind of suckish to be at. The beer is really watered down too, blehhhh

(…Maybe it was just that place…)

The food was definitely tasty though, but I definitely feel like I could have eaten more..

Image Tasty with Mayooo!

2. Rachel’s Karaoke Night

Karaoke was for the purpose of Rachel’s birthday. She and three other folks are having their birthdays soon, but hers was within the first week so we thought’d we’d celebrate. It even was the big Twenty One, so it was all the more necessary to have a night for her! Karaoke was the method of celebration, and Shiori (Nijinokai student) helped Young Won and I pick a cake. It was shape was like a Christmas log of sorts and I think it surprised the karaoke people it wasn’t a normal round one. I really liked the candles though, and it was really tasty!!


Singing Karaoke in Japan is really hard, mostly because i didn’t anticipate having to sing the lyrics in Japanese (idky, lol). Also, I give more cred to lyrics with rap, because when singing that it sounded more like spoken word than with an actual melody. STILL FUN THOUGH, and I had such a great time making funny voices into the mic while singing Gee, Diamonds, or Mrs. Jackson, lol. There was a lot of fun times to be had in there, but Rachel was telling me of lots of cheap Karaoke places in Queens so I’m hoping to check one out some time!!!

3. Enoshima and Kamakura

This was our historical expedition. Onto the train for an hour and we ended up at the beautiful, but widely dispersed Kamakura. There we can see lots of beautiful shrines (even a wedding was going on!). Purple mountain yams are common there, and we had it as ice cream while we walked around looking at the cute shops. Dried fruit seems to be a thing too, and that was a good snack after walking around so much.


Enoshima is like a huge mountain that you must climb all the way up the stairs to be able to get a view of the whole ocean. It is mostly famous for the enormous seated Buddha, but to me the sight of the crystal blue water and quaintness of this smaller town added so much more charm that I feel most tourists miss. If ANYONE gets a chance to go to those places I would highly recommend Enoshima, it was really very beautiful and d I thought that day trip was completely amazing!! In addition, near this area it seems that seafood sembei is really popular. There were a lot of stalls making it, which involved literally pressing seafood into a flat shape with the rice cracker, until the whole thing was flat like a sheet of paper. We weren’t really into the idea of waiting in line for it, but it did look really spectacular with people walking around with paper thin parchment like snacks, studded with shrimp and squid.


This has been a really long post. Now we’re つかれている。またねえ!


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